Category: Burma/Myanmar 2016

Around Yangon

Tonight is the robe ceremony at many pagodas throughout Myanmar and specifically at the largest and most imposing temple, Shwedagon, in the center of Yangon.  It has recently been regilded… Read more »

Taunggyi Festival

I planned the dates of this tour around the Tazaungdaing full-moon harvest festival celebrating the end of the rainy season during which donations and new robes are given to the… Read more »

On Inle Lake

We are skimming along the water in the one-person wide long boats powered by rear motors which is the main transportation in the Inle Lake area.  It is magnificent here. … Read more »

Outside Bagan

Imagine driving up a mountainside on a dirt road in an old Toyota minivan in a torrential downpour turning the roadway into a muddy slippery slope – and if you… Read more »

Bagan Moments

After the torrential rain of the previous night, the roads were quite muddy as we went shopping with Su, our cooking teacher, to the covered market in Nyaung Ou to… Read more »

Through Pokkaku

What makes traveling in Asia so enjoyable is the surprise encounters that illuminate a different culture and way of daily life.  It makes you think:  What would my lifestyle look like… Read more »