Category: India 2018

Sri Lanka Hills to Sea

I have only a distant memory of Kandy from 1976 and what I remember is colonial-style buildings and a great green lawn.  Now, as might be expected, there are additional… Read more »

Sri Lanka in Style

We are driving in the hills of Sri Lanka toward the city of Kandy, at this country’s central heart.  It is the essence of tropical, with great soaring coconut palms… Read more »

Kochi Contrasts

The old fort area of Kochi, the former Cochin, remains a peaceful enclave of tourist sites, hotels, and the remains of the traditional way of life.  The military are based… Read more »

Kerala Backwaters

It is early morning, 6:30 am, on a backwater inlet in Kerala and I am sitting on the prow of our houseboat, listening to Sanskrit chanting from a Hindu temple… Read more »

Madurai in Color

On the way to Madurai, during the days leading up to the Pongal harvest festival, the signs are beginning to appear everywhere.   We saw a cow in a village… Read more »

Chettinad Time

I told my group this morning as we left for the Chettinad Region in Tamil Nadu that they will find many people who have toured India but very few who… Read more »

In the Temple Heartland

The road inland from Tranquebar takes us to the great temples of the Chola dynasty, in full strength from 800-1200 AD,` past agricultural lands filled with the green of newly… Read more »

Down the Coast to Tranquebar

There could hardly be a more out of context experience than visiting the Matri Mandir at Auroville, the intentional community established by the spiritual head of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram… Read more »