Category: China 2019

Shanghai Lights

Shanghai – eliciting visions of the the most exotic of cities. Now that I am here, I realize that Beijing is like Washington, D.C., the political capital; Xi’an is more… Read more »

Guilin Country

Iconic images when presented in reality sometimes disappoint.  The shape and color of some famous place is so familiar and has been seen in so many manifestations that the actuality… Read more »

Xi’An Old and New

After a rather bumpy 2 hour flight from Beijing, we arrive into Xi’an in North Central China and are amazed, once again, by the amount of development.  Numerous large new… Read more »

Beijing Heaven and Earth

Our tables are set with linen, wine glasses and a centerpiece of white roses which contrasts sharply with their location in a 15th century grey stone watchtower of the Great… Read more »

China Entry 2019

Varya visits China to experience the main tourist cities of this impressive country: Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Shanghai. Please join her as she walks through centuries of the past and… Read more »