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Kerala Lakes and Lagoons

The drive down the coast from Kochi to Alleppey is a transition from more urban life to rural living on the great interconnecting canals and lagoons flowing into the Arabian… Read more »

Down to Kerala

Our flight from Mumbai to Cochin (called Kochi now) was a journey from a North Indian culture to that of the Karnatic South, from Hindi/Marathi to Malayalam language, from wheat… Read more »

Mumbai in May

The contrast between Japan and India could not be greater.   I left Osaka where organization, precision and cleanliness are at their highest level — and arrived into Mumbai where… Read more »

Champaner Glimpses

January 30 The air pollution in the mornings in Gujarat is thick and uncomfortable.  There are small wood fires burning everywhere to counter the cold with smoky haze around the… Read more »

Gujarat Grandeur

January 29 In the morning, the Maharani goes with us to her stud farm, which was the pride and joy of her late husband.  There are 10 horses, including one… Read more »

Faded Royalty

January 28 Kathiwada Central Gujarat The lack of foreign tourists in this area of India is very apparent to Ginny and I as we are often targets for questioning by… Read more »

Bhuj Views

January 23 India is not for the unsteady or infirm which make me wonder how many more visits to new places here I will be able to make.  Some things… Read more »