Chettinad Time

I told my group this morning as we left for the Chettinad Region in Tamil Nadu that they will find many people who have toured India but very few who… Read more »

In the Temple Heartland

The road inland from Tranquebar takes us to the great temples of the Chola dynasty, in full strength from 800-1200 AD,` past agricultural lands filled with the green of newly… Read more »

Down the Coast to Tranquebar

There could hardly be a more out of context experience than visiting the Matri Mandir at Auroville, the intentional community established by the spiritual head of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram… Read more »

Agra in the Clouds

We rumble down the express highway to Agra in our tourist  bus through impenetrable fog.   Fortunately, there is now a divided highway and the risk is no longer of… Read more »

A Day in Delhi

Exhausted from their recent arrival into India but eager to begin exploring this new world, our group of 7 (two remain back to catch up on some sleep) dive into… Read more »

Delhi Prologue

New Years Eve in Delhi:   It is already 11:50 when I leave my friend Sue at her hotel and get into my Uber car for the ride back to… Read more »

Galapagos Part II

It is difficult to describe the beauty of the beach we just left at Cerro Brujo on San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos archipelago:  the softest white sand and the… Read more »

Galapagos Part I

Every day is a wonder of natural beauty on this tour around the eastern islands of the Galapagos on our luxury ship, La Pinta.  With only 14 passengers on board… Read more »