Nara and Out

Our last day in Japan is  spent visiting Nara, the earliest capital of a united Japan back in about 700 AD.  As we stand before the oldest wooden building, Horyuji, … Read more »

Miho Museum Magic

When my son Liam spent some time in Japan in 1999, one of his most memorable experiences was visiting the Miho Museum outside Kyoto.  This museum, designed by I.M.Pei, requires… Read more »

Kyoto Wanderings

We are finally in fabled Kyoto, the end of the great Tokkaido road from Edo, and the cultural capital of Japan.  There is much to say and I will start… Read more »

Entering Eiheiji

I have known about the great Soto Zen training center of Eiheiji since the 1960’s through my connections with the students of Suzuki Roshi at the Zen Center in San… Read more »

Kanazawa in Sun & Rain

A city near the Sea of Japan, Kanazawa escaped the ravages of WWII due to its reputation for culture and arts unlike its neighboring city to the North, Toyama, an… Read more »