Gujarat Grandeur

January 29 In the morning, the Maharani goes with us to her stud farm, which was the pride and joy of her late husband.  There are 10 horses, including one… Read more »

Faded Royalty

January 28 Kathiwada Central Gujarat The lack of foreign tourists in this area of India is very apparent to Ginny and I as we are often targets for questioning by… Read more »

Bhuj Views

January 23 India is not for the unsteady or infirm which make me wonder how many more visits to new places here I will be able to make.  Some things… Read more »

Gondal Glory

It is 4:30 AM and impossible to sleep with a pack of yelping dogs in the large garden area and a little later I hear the loud blasting of a… Read more »

Ahmedabad Life

Life is good sitting in an open-air dining room with fresh masala dosa and a buffet of Gujarati breakfast items while we await our guide.  I am getting very little… Read more »

Gujarat Culture

Gujarat is the most Western state in India, bordering  Pakistan, known for the displacement of its people during the partition of India in 1947, its fine local textiles, rural arts… Read more »

Tikal Tour

It has been a few days since our return from Guatemala and I am finally able to find the time to write about our last day which was a whirlwind… Read more »

Views of Lake Atitlan

Guatemala is a shopping paradise – with stalls and helpful shopkeepers everywhere and beautiful textiles and handicrafts seeming without end.   The Guatemalans seem to be born and bathed in… Read more »