Camels and Kasbahs

It is now our chance to experience desert life in the Northern Sahara.  We drive past agricultural villages into an ever-increasing stark landscape until we veer off to a dry… Read more »

Mid-Atlas Village Life

Up into the Mid-Atlas Mountain range we climb, driving to the summer playground for the rich and famous in Morocco, the town of Ifrane, built with French chalets and beautiful… Read more »

Fabulous Fes

Fes – the name evokes images of the exotic, distant travelers from another age leading their camels or walking with horses and sheep to bring the riches of the caravansary… Read more »

Meknes Medina

The light rain contains its own beauty as well as perils as we drive through winding roads on the way to Meknes.   A beautiful full double rainbow appears over… Read more »

Chefchaouen Blues

Chefchaouen is known as the Blue City — a beautiful small town build on a hillside, layers upon layers built up like a many-tiered cake over centuries, creating tall walls… Read more »

Touching Tangier

Across the narrow mouth guarded by the rock of Gibraltar, lies the coast that Greek myths were made of, Hercules and his 12 labors among others, and the place where… Read more »

Casablanca Cacophony

For most Americans of my generation, the word “Casablanca” immediately evokes Humphrey Bogart in a white dinner jacket presiding over his cafe with Sam at the piano playing a lyric… Read more »

Morocco Magic

It is October 2018 and I am about to embark on a journey into Morocco with 11 stalwart companions.  We will start in Casablanca and then move clockwise to the… Read more »