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Kalimantan Island Life

East Kalimantan Day 7-9 The last segment of our Kalimantan travels was further North East into the Derawan Archipelago, islands of clear water and optimal diving and snorkeling opportunities. Our… Read more »

Mahakam River

East Kalimantan: Days 3-4 I am on a houseboat on the Mahakam River and can hear at 4:25 am the call of the Muezzin to prayer in this solidly islamic… Read more »

Inside Iceland

Reykjavik As you have read in the news, the tremors are numerous now in Iceland although we only felt a few of them as most are undetectable but the excitement… Read more »

West Iceland

Earth and Horses:  Day 6 After a very extensive buffet breakfast, Pavel and the 5 of us head out on our last day together to the nearby Grabrok volcano crater…. Read more »

South and East Iceland

Glaciers and Beaches: Day 2 The wonders of today’s drive include the great Mýrdalsjökull ice cap which we are told covers the most feared Katla volcano which violently erupts every… Read more »