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Kerala Lakes and Lagoons

The drive down the coast from Kochi to Alleppey is a transition from more urban life to rural living on the great interconnecting canals and lagoons flowing into the Arabian… Read more »

Down to Kerala

Our flight from Mumbai to Cochin (called Kochi now) was a journey from a North Indian culture to that of the Karnatic South, from Hindi/Marathi to Malayalam language, from wheat… Read more »

Mumbai in May

The contrast between Japan and India could not be greater.   I left Osaka where organization, precision and cleanliness are at their highest level — and arrived into Mumbai where… Read more »

Japan Finale

On our last day as we sat around our dinner in Onomichi, Paula asked what we were most impressed by on our tour.   For me, and for several of… Read more »

Shikoku Travels

I am about to leave for the airport to depart Japan so will need to summarize the rest of our journey in the next 2 posts, a difficult thing to… Read more »

Inside Shikoku

Out of the rural valley and on our way to the major city of Kochi on the South shore of Shikoku. We stop at a sit made famous by a… Read more »

Exploring Shikoku

Day 1 in Shokoku: An early morning ferry takes us across the inland sea to Takamatsu, a major city on the large island of Shikoku.  Attached to the mainland by… Read more »

Teshima and More Art

Our last day was a ferry boat trip to the nearby island of Teshima which was reclaimed by the Benesse Foundation from an environmental disaster zone due to large scale… Read more »